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New releases from Thighpaulsandra, Greater Than One

Thighpaulsandra - The Lepore Extrusion
Brainwashed: HAND003
Release date: October 24

Thighpaulsandra's newest release is the score to an interactive video installation by New York-based visual artist Daniel McKernan titled "Is Evolution Evil?," which featured the world's #1 transsexual, Amanda Lepore. Thighpaulsandra has been a member of Queen Elizabeth (with Julian Cope), Spiritualized, and Coil and has released four full-length albums on his own. Amanda Lepore has recorded music with the Fatal Art Syndicate, has been featured on TV shows like Entertainment Tonight, and has a Swatch watch, "Time Tranny," which was at one point the fastest selling limited edition Swatch!

Daniel McKernan took photographs and video of Amanda and combined them with music from Thighpaulsandra to create the exhibition which opened in June of 2005 in New York. Included as enhanced content is a video of the installation with narrative by McKernan, an essay on "Is Evolution Evil?," and schematic. The music is three movements mixed by Thighpaulsandra into one long piece which is just as eerie and precious as a superstar like Amanda Lepore is.

Like the previous Brainwashed Handmade CDs in this series, this one is letterpressed by Interrobang (who has pressed covers and posters for Sonic Youth, Isis, Harvey Milk, and 5ive, just to name a few) and is limited once again to 500 copies.

Greater Than One - Kill the Pedagogue
Brainwashed: HAND004
Release date: October 24

This is one of the earliest archives of Greater Than One, originally released in 1985 on a limited edition cassette in a red Chinese envelope with cut outs of paper, a sticker, image, and poster; wrapped with a red yarn and sealed in a ziplock bag. The music is aggressive and punchy, with beats and horror film samples, yet the underlying drones are dark and thunderous, which oddly enough doesn't sound out of place when listened to alongside the darker modern masters like Sunn O))), Oren Ambarchi, or Scorn.

It's no surprise the group's first full-length record, 1987's All the Masters Licked Me, was released by Lustmord and Graeme Revell's Side Effects Records. This is the first time for this recording to appear on CD and it's an important piece of industrial music history.

It comes with enhanced content of images, text, and a TON of bonus audio files. Number four in the Brainwashed Handmade series, this was also letterpressed by Mike Babcock at Interrobang (whose clients have included Hydrahead, Relapse, Kimchee, Tumult, and SharkAttack) and is limited to 500 copies.
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