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Strange Fortune New Music Release Updates

Coil Preorder Offer at Strange Fortune

A Coil Preorder Offer July 2006

Strange Fortune is excited to have the go ahead from Threshold House to begin offering 6 new Coil reissues.

All of the following are open starting today for your preorders at Strange Fortune:

Coil / Musick to Play in the Dark Vol 1 CD

Coil / Musick to Play in the Dark Vol 2 CD

Coil / And the Ambulance Died in His Arms CD

Coil / The Remote Viewer Deluxe Edition 2xCD

Coil / Black Antlers Deluxe Edition 2xCD

Coil / ANS 3xCD+DVD Box Set

The first two titles are essential best selling albums that sold zillions of copies at Strange Fortune last time around. Any music fan who is missing _Musick to Play in the Dark_ is truly missing out.

The rest of these reissues are highly-sought after rarities that many of us haven't had a chance to get a hold of thus far. Now comes your chance with their first proper wide release.

_The Remote Viewer_ & _Black Antlers_ are especially exciting as these deluxe editions add newly recorded material.

All the new Coil reissues are $19 & shipping each (except the ANS box set which is $59 & shipping).

It's a little pricey but these are special items coming from Threshold House in Thailand, and as usual Strange Fortune is likely to be one of your best prices you'll find in North America.

Expected availability is around two weeks. The quicker you get in your preorder, the closer to the front of the line you are and the better chance you have of receiving yours quickly.

Which Coil releases are you missing?

Preorder New Coil Reissues at Strange Fortune

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The source for strange & exquisite sounds

Strange Fortune / PO Box 440383 / Somerville MA 02144 USA
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