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Threshold House updates

thresholdhouse.com email:

"Everyone at the Threshold House store is excited to announce that we
will soon have stock of new pressings of some of the most popular Coil
CDs, including Musick to Play in the Dark Vols 1 & 2, COIL-ANS and the
recent "...and the ambulance died in his armsl."

Not only that but we are, for the first time, releasing official deluxe
one and a half disc versions of the rare Remote Viewer and Black
Antlers albums. Originally these were intended to be sold only at Coil
shows, and came only on CD-R. More recently they change hands on ebay
for as much as £200. Collectors will want to know that these new
editions each contain as much as 20 minutes of additional material
culled from contemporaneous archives and assembled in Thailand by Peter
Christopherson and Danny Hyde, and are packaged in double weight
wallets, yet will be available from our store for just £10.

Please watch our site for their arrival... Best from all the the
ThresholdHouse store."
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