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ROSA DECIDUA IV [07 Jul 2015|01:03pm]

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Питер Кристоферсон: мои рисунки и статья в "Квире" + "Color Sound Oblivion" [08 Feb 2011|04:24am]


Да-да, гей-журнал. Почему он тут красуется? А потому что в нем есть моя статья с рисунками, вот почему!
Рисунки я показывал, а вот текст вывешу только через пару месяцев. К слову, более обширной статьи о Кристоферсоне я не встречал =Р Пахнуло самопиаром, потому закругляюсь.



"Color Sound Oblivion" выложили на рутреккере! Понятное дело, вы не получите той прелести, что на фотке, вы получити кое-что в стократ лучше - то, что скрывает эта обложка, то есть, сами концерты! Жаль, у меня нет богатого дяди, разбирающегося в моих вкусах. М-дя.
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COIL color sound oblivion I: LIVE IN LONDON 24.08.83 [30 Dec 2010|01:56am]


Выступления группы COIL всегда были чем-то необычным. Здесь же идет речь об одном из первых, в высшей степени экспериментальном действии - это не концертное выступление, а, перформанс, ритуал, магический акт.

Итак, представляю вашему вниманию выступление COIL в лондонской "Air Gallery"; оно состоит из театрализированного представление Джона Гослина и Джона Бэленса, начиток Марка Алмонда и звука от Питера Кристоферсона.

Камера: Cerith Wyn-Evans
Год: 1983
Длительность: 24 мин.
Музыка: Peter Christopherson

Хороший обзор на английском:

in English + detailsCollapse )

Скачать / Download

Нашел у блоггера The Sound of Eye, низкий ему поклон за дележку!
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R. I. P. [10 Dec 2010|01:41am]

R. I. P. Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson

БольшеCollapse )

R. I. P. Coil

БольшеCollapse )

Хотелось как-то выразить это неприятное чувство по поводу кончины Слизи... Выразил, как смог =Р + в след. выпуске журнала "Квир" будет моя обширная статья-некролог о Слизи, Coil, Бэлансе и его отношениях со Слизи.

ЗЫ: второй рисунок немножко не то... зато оптимистичный. Пускай.
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30 октября Клуб А2 SOISONG: Peter Christopherson(of Coil)& Ivan Pavlov [10 Oct 2009|08:13pm]


30 октября
Клуб А2 (ул. Разъезжая 12)
SOISONG: Peter Christopherson(of Coil)& Ivan Pavlov
(билеты от 500 руб.)
Питер Кристоферсон - автор множества аудиодепрессантов, состоящих из скрипов-завываний-скрежетаний, один из основателей индастриала, он же – заслуженный клипмейкер, работавший с Nine Inch Nails . Создатель группы Throbbing Gristle, участвовал также в таких проектах как Psychic Tv и Coil. Живая глава из истории музыки, реликвия, признанная таковой даже не посмертно. Сходить на концерт можно хотя бы из любопытства, посмотреть на столь многогранную творческую личность всегда интересно.


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saturno butto [07 Dec 2008|04:15pm]


Who's the guy on the right, huh?
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the freshest interview from Sleazy [18 Nov 2008|10:43am]

[ mood | awake ]


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ebay tshirts [29 Oct 2008|09:56pm]

apologies for cross posting...finances are low and looking to pass along a few obscure tshirts (16 Horsepower, Current 93, this morn' omina, Atari Teenage Riot, Somatic Responses, Otto Von Schirach, Invader Zim, Meat Beat Manifesto, Dresden Dolls and Ad Noiseam. in Denver if you pick it up there's no shipping charges...

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Homosexuality [12 Oct 2008|09:15pm]

My greetings to everyone!
I have a question that some of you would probably asume stupid, but still:
can anyone help me to obtain at least some information about Coil and homosexuality? "Information" means "any information", except for the fact that Blance and Christopherson were lovers. I suppose they were very influential to gay-culture, considering their songs and the lyrics...
What is it needed for? I'm writing an article about the band for a Ukrainian gay-magazine "One of Us" ("Один з нас") and I feel... a lack of materials =)
Ah, the answers are welcome 'till this Wednesday... Friday at most.
Thank you all in advance!
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The New Backwards Album Artwork [28 Apr 2008|06:19pm]


Coil - The New Back Backwards Outside Cover
Coil - The New Back Backwards Inside Cover

for those of you who might be interested in having the artwork from the New Backwards CD.
cross posted to: time_machines
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concerning those australian events... [14 Dec 2007|02:27am]

Would anyone know of any reports, images, or recordings of the MUFF8-related events that Peter Christopherson was involved in? I've tried looking all over the place and I've yet to find anything other than a single report of a video showing. Thanks.
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Threshold Houseboys Choir Live [13 Sep 2007|05:23am]

LIVE GIG @ THE TOFF IN TOWN Wednesday 26 September Doors 2007 open at 11pm

Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson (Coil, Throbbing Gristle) performs live in Australia for the first time ever! This gig by his new band, the Threshold House Boys Choir, is a must see one-off special event. See our separate flier for booking details or contact the Toff in Town. This event is certain to sell out. If you live in Sydney and need Sleazy you will have to travel down to the more cultured Melbourne to see this fine live evening’s entertainment. The supporting act is David Thrussell (from Snog and Black Lung). Sleazy on stage around the witching hour of midnight …

Tickets $30 – on sale from Metropolis Books,
Polyester Records and the Corner Box Office –
Phone: 9427 9198 or online:


hope someone can make it and perhaps record the show...

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[30 Oct 2006|11:04pm]

Butthole Surfers
1986 - Cream Corn from the Socket of Davis

Moving to Florida
To Parter
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New releases from Thighpaulsandra, Greater Than One [20 Oct 2006|11:28pm]

Thighpaulsandra - The Lepore Extrusion
Brainwashed: HAND003
Release date: October 24

Thighpaulsandra's newest release is the score to an interactive video installation by New York-based visual artist Daniel McKernan titled "Is Evolution Evil?," which featured the world's #1 transsexual, Amanda Lepore. Thighpaulsandra has been a member of Queen Elizabeth (with Julian Cope), Spiritualized, and Coil and has released four full-length albums on his own. Amanda Lepore has recorded music with the Fatal Art Syndicate, has been featured on TV shows like Entertainment Tonight, and has a Swatch watch, "Time Tranny," which was at one point the fastest selling limited edition Swatch!

Daniel McKernan took photographs and video of Amanda and combined them with music from Thighpaulsandra to create the exhibition which opened in June of 2005 in New York. Included as enhanced content is a video of the installation with narrative by McKernan, an essay on "Is Evolution Evil?," and schematic. The music is three movements mixed by Thighpaulsandra into one long piece which is just as eerie and precious as a superstar like Amanda Lepore is.

Like the previous Brainwashed Handmade CDs in this series, this one is letterpressed by Interrobang (who has pressed covers and posters for Sonic Youth, Isis, Harvey Milk, and 5ive, just to name a few) and is limited once again to 500 copies.

Greater Than One - Kill the Pedagogue
Brainwashed: HAND004
Release date: October 24

This is one of the earliest archives of Greater Than One, originally released in 1985 on a limited edition cassette in a red Chinese envelope with cut outs of paper, a sticker, image, and poster; wrapped with a red yarn and sealed in a ziplock bag. The music is aggressive and punchy, with beats and horror film samples, yet the underlying drones are dark and thunderous, which oddly enough doesn't sound out of place when listened to alongside the darker modern masters like Sunn O))), Oren Ambarchi, or Scorn.

It's no surprise the group's first full-length record, 1987's All the Masters Licked Me, was released by Lustmord and Graeme Revell's Side Effects Records. This is the first time for this recording to appear on CD and it's an important piece of industrial music history.

It comes with enhanced content of images, text, and a TON of bonus audio files. Number four in the Brainwashed Handmade series, this was also letterpressed by Mike Babcock at Interrobang (whose clients have included Hydrahead, Relapse, Kimchee, Tumult, and SharkAttack) and is limited to 500 copies.
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Brainwashed.com celebrates 10 years with 'Brainwaves,' a three day music festival in Boston. On November 17/18/19, friends and family of Brainwashed will be performing at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts. The current lineup includes Non, Thighpaulsandra, Christoph Heemann, Andreas Martin, Volcano the Bear, DJ Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter (of Nurse With Wound), Irr.App.(Ext.), Jessica Bailiff, Windy & Carl, V/Vm and the Caretaker, Goodiepal, Troum, Aranos, Edward Ka-Spel and the Silverman, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Landing, Howard Stelzer, Charles Atlas, Cock ESP, Nadja (Aidan Baker), Greg Davis, z'ev, and The Dresden Dolls.

There is still planning for some major surprise guests as well as music video and film screenings in the planning. Additionally, RRRecords in Lowell will be presenting a Rare Records fare. Only 500 tickets will be available. Brainwaves is being gratiously sponsored by RRRecords, Free Internet Press, Crouton Music, Kranky, Jnana Records, ArchEnemy, and WZBC.

Brainwaves tickets are on sale now in the commerce section, at The Regent Theatre, and at Twisted Village (in person by cash ONLY). For those who have purchased tickets through Brainwashed, they will be available at the Regent Theatre box office on the opening day of the fest.

More details behind the cutCollapse )
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[26 Sep 2006|05:46pm]

Does anyone know what A.Y.O.R. stands for, if anything?  I looked through the previous posts until I was tired of searching :)

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Some Place Else summer sale [20 Jul 2006|12:10pm]

A little commercial break ~

We decided to have a little sale at the Some Place Else shop! Dozens of CDs and a bunch of vinyl, too. Prices reduced 15% - 50%.
Take a look:


We'll probably add some more tomorrow if time allows.
Prices valid till the end of July/August (depending on product). Stock is limited, first come first served!

PS. COIL reissues coming soon to Some Place Else, straight from Threshold House, Thailand!
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Coil Preorder Offer at Strange Fortune [19 Jul 2006|04:29pm]

A Coil Preorder Offer July 2006

Strange Fortune is excited to have the go ahead from Threshold House to begin offering 6 new Coil reissues.

All of the following are open starting today for your preorders at Strange Fortune:

Coil / Musick to Play in the Dark Vol 1 CD

Coil / Musick to Play in the Dark Vol 2 CD

Coil / And the Ambulance Died in His Arms CD

Coil / The Remote Viewer Deluxe Edition 2xCD

Coil / Black Antlers Deluxe Edition 2xCD

Coil / ANS 3xCD+DVD Box Set

The first two titles are essential best selling albums that sold zillions of copies at Strange Fortune last time around. Any music fan who is missing _Musick to Play in the Dark_ is truly missing out.

The rest of these reissues are highly-sought after rarities that many of us haven't had a chance to get a hold of thus far. Now comes your chance with their first proper wide release.

_The Remote Viewer_ & _Black Antlers_ are especially exciting as these deluxe editions add newly recorded material.

All the new Coil reissues are $19 & shipping each (except the ANS box set which is $59 & shipping).

It's a little pricey but these are special items coming from Threshold House in Thailand, and as usual Strange Fortune is likely to be one of your best prices you'll find in North America.

Expected availability is around two weeks. The quicker you get in your preorder, the closer to the front of the line you are and the better chance you have of receiving yours quickly.

Which Coil releases are you missing?

Preorder New Coil Reissues at Strange Fortune

Michael J. Salo
The source for strange & exquisite sounds

Strange Fortune / PO Box 440383 / Somerville MA 02144 USA
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'deluxe' cd editions of "The Remote Viewer" and "Black Antlers" [19 Jul 2006|02:57pm]

coil reissues & remasters *IMMINENT*!!

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Threshold House updates [02 Jul 2006|07:16am]

[ mood | happy ]

thresholdhouse.com email:

"Everyone at the Threshold House store is excited to announce that we
will soon have stock of new pressings of some of the most popular Coil
CDs, including Musick to Play in the Dark Vols 1 & 2, COIL-ANS and the
recent "...and the ambulance died in his armsl."

Not only that but we are, for the first time, releasing official deluxe
one and a half disc versions of the rare Remote Viewer and Black
Antlers albums. Originally these were intended to be sold only at Coil
shows, and came only on CD-R. More recently they change hands on ebay
for as much as £200. Collectors will want to know that these new
editions each contain as much as 20 minutes of additional material
culled from contemporaneous archives and assembled in Thailand by Peter
Christopherson and Danny Hyde, and are packaged in double weight
wallets, yet will be available from our store for just £10.

Please watch our site for their arrival... Best from all the the
ThresholdHouse store."

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