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BRAINWAVES: 10 YEARS OF BRAINWASHED celebrates 10 years with 'Brainwaves,' a three day music festival in Boston. On November 17/18/19, friends and family of Brainwashed will be performing at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts. The current lineup includes Non, Thighpaulsandra, Christoph Heemann, Andreas Martin, Volcano the Bear, DJ Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter (of Nurse With Wound), Irr.App.(Ext.), Jessica Bailiff, Windy & Carl, V/Vm and the Caretaker, Goodiepal, Troum, Aranos, Edward Ka-Spel and the Silverman, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Landing, Howard Stelzer, Charles Atlas, Cock ESP, Nadja (Aidan Baker), Greg Davis, z'ev, and The Dresden Dolls.

There is still planning for some major surprise guests as well as music video and film screenings in the planning. Additionally, RRRecords in Lowell will be presenting a Rare Records fare. Only 500 tickets will be available. Brainwaves is being gratiously sponsored by RRRecords, Free Internet Press, Crouton Music, Kranky, Jnana Records, ArchEnemy, and WZBC.

Brainwaves tickets are on sale now in the commerce section, at The Regent Theatre, and at Twisted Village (in person by cash ONLY). For those who have purchased tickets through Brainwashed, they will be available at the Regent Theatre box office on the opening day of the fest.

Meet-and-greet and After-party in the works
If you're coming to Brainwaves from out of the area, you might wish to note the following: we are planning on having a special meet-and-greet on Thursday evening and a post-party on Monday evening. Both events will be free, however they will only be disclosed via E-mail to people who have purchased tickets for Brainwaves directly from Brainwashed.

Brainwaves: The Souvenir
A new collection is being compiled for Brainwaves - a multi-CD set featuring artists on the Brainwashed roster as well as performers at Brainwaves. A "friends and family" collection if you will. That will be on sale at Brainwaves. No idea how many remaining copies there will be and if they're going to go on sale afterwards, but there are some major surprises on there already.

RRRecords Convention
RRRecords will also be on hand with stacks of rare records from the vaults. (Save your pennies because they don't take plastic.)

Podcast Previews
Previews of artists are available on the Brainwashed Podcast. Plug the following URL into your Podcast aggregator (like iTunes,etc,...):
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